19th June
written by LS Girl

Are Dryer Sheets Dangerous? Is Fabric Softener Toxic? Deep down, I do wonder if we’d be buying tons and tons of this stuff, if it was a lethal toxic hazard. But, we’ve been duped before. 

One way I try to prevent exposure to toxins is to ask this question: “Is there something else that works as good or better, and is cheaper and/or easier?” Many times, there is something else you can do that is both cheaper and easier and works better.

I give you – my two aluminum foil balls as an example. To try this yourself:

are dryer sheets dangerous

Step One:

Take some aluminum foil and wad it up into a ball shape (make two of these balls)

Roll the balls around on your counter or table to work off any sharp points or edges

Toss them in your dryer, and leave them there for six months to a year.

Step Two: 

Enjoy COMPLETELY static free clothes

Your clothes will be soft

You will not need to add fabric softener to the wash, or a dryer sheet to the dryer ever again.

That’s it! Mission accomplished.

Let me know how it goes, people! I want to hear about it; and please share any other tips that help people cut down on chemicals by posting your suggestions below, in the comments. Thank you!