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19th June
written by LS Girl

Daytripping in NYC

You can rock daytripping in NYC like JLo. Once upon a time, a person had to lug all their belongings with them through New York City. These were hard times. Spending a day in the city took a lot of strength and consideration.

What if I get cold?

What if I want to buy something big?

What if my backpack is too bulky?

Why do I have to carry all this stuff to the top of the Empire State Building?

Then, one day, the powers that be sent us a Hero. A luggage hero, to be exact.

Let’s say you have a business appointment in or near NYC and you’d like to take advantage of the rest of the day but you have all this meeting stuff with you. Or, you have to check out of your hotel and your flight isn’t until later. Or, you have a choice between two flights; one allows you to spend an entire day in NYC (or London, or Milan) but you’ll have all this luggage to drag around.

Just shine that light in the sky and find a Luggage Hero. (It’s an online web app)

daytripping in nyc

Store your stuff for a few bucks and enjoy your visit. Daytripping in NYC just got awesome. 


You’re welcome.



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