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4th June
written by LS Girl

In 2008 I set a goal to do 10 things I’ve never done before.  Driving seven hours to attend a psychic retreat definitely makes the list.  In fact, it’s –

Thing #6

One of the opportunities that presented itself during the year, was an invitation to attend a psychic retreat with my friend… we’ll call her Madame X.  I accepted the invitation from M. X, and began my research.  I was nervous; not being a psychic myself, would everyone else at the retreat know what I was thinking?

“this place is kinda weird”

“that girl is wearing fake eyelashes”

“I think I have to pee again”

“I do not receive messages from dead people, maybe they don’t like me”

“There is no food here, what are we going to eat?”

…and various other thoughts which would concern both myself and anyone who knew what my thoughts were.

The cost to attend:  $295, plus $100 for materials. The location was 7 hours via car, so the road trip was part of our adventure.  When we arrived, we were surprised at the “Amishness” of it.  Very rural. A true community, with its own:

Post office

Police/Fire Dept




Zip Code

The houses were a mix of victorian charm and standard capes and ranches.  We noticed  “Psychic Readings”  and  “Open” signs hanging in many of the windows.  The front lawns were filled with gazing balls and fairy statues.  We wandered up and down every street.  Upon completion of our initial assessment, X and I were thankful we ditched the bed and breakfast recommendation listed in the itinerary, and instead booked a room at a hotel outside the community.  The community does not believe in air conditioning (not mentioned in the brochure).  It was 90 degrees and humid.  I don’t know about you, but being in a strange place and not being able to sleep would make for a tough couple of days, not to mention we paid good money to attend and wanted to be well rested.

The Retreat:

Day one was the meet and greet.  We arrived at the community center and were introduced to each other, there were about 15 – 20 people in attendance.

The tables were in a horseshoe configuration, and we each took a moment to introduce ourselves, and explain why we were there.  A common theme was immediately clear:  the majority of people were selfless caregivers looking to strengthen their intuition and their ability to work with energy.  Some where there out of curiosity and general “is this real, can I do this?” and several others were practicing energy workers looking to focus and go deeper into their practice.  One gentleman stuck out.  He was a small framed man, in his 50’s and appeared to be very blue collar salt of the earth kind of fellow.  He wasn’t wearing any jewelry or cotton gauze, and he did not use any lingo associated with energy workers.  During the meet and greet, this man spoke softly and with sincere emotion as he detailed the helplessness he was feeling watching his wife die of cancer.  He needed to do something… and although this was outside his comfort zone, he wanted to see if he could acquire greater intuition and a sense of what to do and how to do it, to ease his wife’s pain.

Over the next two days, from 10am to 6pm with an hour break for lunch which consisted of getting in the car and driving to the deli or restaurant, we learned and practiced our skills.

Meditation – we meditated

Concentration – we practiced concentrating on one object

Auras – we learned how to see an aura, and if we couldn’t yet see the aura, we learned what they look like so we would recognize them once we COULD see them.

Contact with Spirit – this was probably the scariest part.  We dimmed all the lights and windows, and left one door open for air circulation and then we did guided meditations, mixed in with chants to call upon the spirit world.  Next, each person was asked to describe anything they felt, saw or heard because it could be a message for another person in the room.  Some of the people had extremely precise descriptions of spirits who seemed to be actual relatives of the attendees.  The strangest part of this exercise, was that a cat, a dog, and a butterfly all entered the room at some point during this one part of the class, and we never saw them again.  They wandered in… and wandered out.

Dowsing and pendulums – we made dowsing tools, and dowsed.

Clairvoyance – this was also very cool.  We took a small piece of paper, and drew a shape on it.  We sealed this piece of paper in an envelope and gave it to a partner and each of us had to focus on our own shape, and send it to the other person, and they would draw what they thought the shape was on the outside of the envelope.  We then opened the envelopes to see who had received the message.  I found this exercise to be the most fun for several reasons:  1)  it was easy to understand.  2) you could do it any time with anyone.  3)  you could do it at parties.

The first night we all went to dinner at a local restaurant and got to know each other a little better.

By the end of the second day Madame X and I were tired, and we still had the 7 hour drive home.  In the rain.  Not just any rain.  DOWN POURING rain.  Now, here is where the story gets crazy.  Believe the words you are reading, or don’t.  Your belief will not have any effect on the fact that it actually happened.

X and I hit the road and hopped on the freeway.  We  cruised along cautiously, due to the blinding rain.  The sun was setting off in the distance, and we could see breaks in the clouds.  Suddenly, a HUGE rainbow appeared.  We could see it span end to end, flawlessly.  We drove and drove and drove… still looking at this rainbow.  We drove for at least an hour with the rainbow clearly visible end to end in front of us… eventually we got so close that we had to look up through the sunroof to see it.  And that’s when it happened.  We saw the end of the rainbow.  It landed on the bumper of the truck in front of us on the freeway.  X started screaming… “oh my God!  oh my God!  The rainbow landed on that truck!  Do you see it!  Do you see it!”.

I did see it.  And… just as I saw it.  It landed on the bumper of our car.  Yes.

At the end of the psychic retreat, a rainbow landed on our car.

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  1. 08/09/2010

    Very cool story! I wish I had seen the rainbow too.
    I think the most common psychic thing to happen to me is when I am thinking of a person and then they call me. Boom. Hello!