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6th August
written by LS Girl

I did it. I signed up for Netflix. Yes, I’m behind the times. To my credit, this move was partnered with the purchase of a Roku. Love the Roku.  

The first two weeks with Roku were almost as exciting as falling in love. I couldn’t wait to spend time with my new beau, and the Roku’s design is one of the most likeable I’ve seen in a long time. Guilt free TV, Music, and Movies. It was fantastic. The Roku is like a hybrid combination of a hot boyfriend with six-pack abs, and a tiny fluffy kitten with blue eyes. Hot, loveable, madness you can’t stop thinking about.

After poking around on Crackle and watching a few films and documentaries, I was ready to start living the dream and go from zero to the season 5 finale of Breaking Bad – non stop. I would go so far as to say that the Roku acquisition was fueled by Breaking Bad, as a sole source of motivation.



When the  Roku arrived, I didn’t immediately sign up for Netflix.  Having an account with Amazon allowed me to dabble in the almost limitless world of streaming video on demand. Each episode costs about $1.99, so I thought I’d invest a few dollars and see if VOD was an enjoyable experience, or… would I miss being a slave to the network, and being nickel and dimed to death. Half way through episode three, I was on the Internet signing up for Netflix. And that’s when it happened: I crossed over. I lost control, and it felt… I’m still coming to grips with this… It felt good! The combination of possibilities with the one-time Roku investment coupled with the low monthly fee of Netflix provided a freedom I’d never experienced in my living room.

Moments after signing up and pushing the Netflix button on the Roku remote, I was a streaming maniac.



Breaking Bad  and I were in a committed relationship. To the dirt. We embarked on our journey at about 2 pm, and we were rolling deep until the early morning, four days later. This takes in to account the 45 minutes in which I sat, dumbfounded, with my mouth hanging open, post season 4 finale.

I went to bed and of course I overslept; drooling until almost 9 am. I’ve never been so thankful to have a client NOT pay me on time. I was off the hook with work for the immediate future.  Upon waking, I took a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee in my double insulated mug, and went to the living room where I promptly turned on the TV, Roku, and Netflix and began watching a movie: Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. It’s a terrific documentary by Joe Cross about food, and I’m currently trying to eat my way to pain free joints, so I could justify this as “research”. My research continued for about another day-and-a-half without showering, and included “point, counter point” viewing of documentary, fiction, food, and non-food related videos. I did manage to get another clear top-coat on my fingernails, and I categorized this as “multi-tasking”. Still no payment from the client, thank goodness.



At one point during the day, the realization hit me that I could not remember the last time I just gave into something. I watch what I eat, I get a decent night’s sleep, the house stays relatively clean, and the laundry is manageable. I LOVE the work I do, and probably work three times harder and longer than I should. I donate and help friends. I work out almost every day (well, I did before this beautiful distraction). My life is simple compared to most people I know! So why can’t I just let it be simple?

The remainder of 2013 will be spent living slowly. Reading, reaping, watching, relaxing, and enjoying every little thing, especially my sexy Roku with its tiny remote and Netflix button.

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