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1st April
written by LS Girl

“Things I’ll never accomplish”.  How to harness the power of things you’ll never do. It’s not failure, it’s a decision. Turning failure into success.

But… what if you KNOW:  you’re never going to do it.

It would be nice if I had a lot of disposable income.  I’d start businesses and develop products to solve problems.  I’d donate more than I do now, I’d take more vacations.  BUT, I don’t have this kind of money (yet) and yes…I realize it is because of my own limiting beliefs.

Ideas, and My Organizational Skills:  I have ideas filed away in my laptop, on my iphone, in my notebooks, in my brain… jotted on little pieces of paper in drawers, written in the margin of books, scribbled on the backs of business cards, and… scrawled on napkins.  But I’ll never accomplish most of them.  I’ll never implement the process, or develop the product, or find the seed money.  I know this about myself.

So:  I’m declaring 2012 THE YEAR OF THE IDEA. “iDEER”

The ideas are coming off the paper, and out of the notebook.  They are moving away from the margin, leaving the iphone… and they are going on a trip:

I’m donating them.  Strategically.

I’m not going to give an idea for hamburgers to a passionate vegan restaurant owner.   I’m going to approach it  like a dating service.  I will match up the idea with the right candidate.

So far, I’ve bequeathed two solid ideas, had two additional meetings, sent a few emails, and one handwritten letter (what!).  It’s not exactly like donating cash… but when something sticks, flies, takes off, works, and a problem is solved or a life is better, it’s the same as donating 1,000 meals to the hungry.

You get the idea.

If you have an idea, and you know you’re never going to do anything about it, don’t just spout off at parties with “someone oughtta” or “what I think they should do is…”.

Get serious about it.

Write it down, formally, and give it away to a person who might have the means, interest, skills and/or time needed to make it happen.

If you’re successful, and your idea is successful…Maybe you can join me at the “What the f*CK was I thinking giving away THAT idea!” party, next year.

I’m talking to you, MINIMALISTS! Get those ideas out of your head!  They are taking up space.  Declutter 🙂

Give. Share. Live.

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