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15th June
written by LS Girl

Recently, there was an image going around on Facebook related to toilet paper. Over, right.  Under, wrong.  There it was – the toilet paper over or under problem was solved.  Of course, this stirred up controversy as people hashed out if OVER was right.  Well, it is.  Here’s why:

Over, keeps the toilet paper as far away from the floor as possible.  It allows the user to unroll as many squares as possible without the paper hitting the ground.  Here are two things we don’t want to think about:

The toilet paper you are using may have touched the floor.  Other people touched the last few squares of the toilet paper on the roll you are about to use.  London is kicking ass on this front (literally).  They offer “per sheet” dispensers that reassure you no one touched the piece you are touching.  These individual paper dispensers use the same technique as a pop-up tissue box, in that, you pull the first sheet, and it sets up the next one for use, without anyone touching it.

Have you ever been in the bathroom stall, and had to turn and spin and twist the reel to try to find the end?  Guess what?  So did everyone else who used that stall.  That’s a lot of touching.  Whenever I attend a popular social event like a parade, festival, or concert – I put a couple of paper napkins in my pocket just in case I find myself in a tricky situation, void of toilet tissue.

Yes, I wish I had a Neuralyzer from Men in Black so I could make you forget you ever read this.  Because I don’t, I’m hoping this essay will help you live a happy, over the roll, clean, and safe life as you participate in continued public restroom adventures.

And, yes, I have a $3,000 camera, so I can photograph toilet paper dispensers.  What’s your guilty pleasure?

Toilet Paper Over Under



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