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15th May
written by LS Girl

The 75% Rule:  Another awesome mistake!  How a fountain soda accident created positive change.

Most of my life, I’ve been relatively health conscious.  My downfall:   I have a sweet tooth, and I love cheeses, peanut butter to excess, and beer.

I discovered this magical 75% Rule quite by accident. Being a HUGE fan of fountain soda, I usually seek out places that have wonderful fizzy fountain drinks, instead of bottles or cans.  This day was no different.

I was at a rest stop on I-95 about to make my own fountain soda… because that’s how it works now:  you pay someone, and they graciously enable you to prepare your own food and drink.  I order the biggest cup they have, and walk to the “do it yourself” area, where I  added some ice.  Not too much, because I have a sensitive tooth.

Next stop:  The soda dispensers.  I put the cup up to the opening and press the button and…. NO!  I hit the wrong button!  I pressed Cherry Cola instead of DIET Cola.  Well… there was just a little bit in the cup, so I carefully located the DIET button, and pressed it; filling my cup the rest of the way.

After my first sip I knew I had discovered something that would forever be a part of my life:


25% of what I REALLY want, mixed with 75% of what I SHOULD have. 


I do this with almost everything now, and it has kept me in pretty good shape.  Here are some examples:

25% Captain Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Frosted Flakes, and 75% of an earthy crunchy fiber protein cereal, like GOLean.  Mix it together and add… you guessed it:  25% whole milk, and 75% skim or 1%.

A big salad, topped with lean, rare or medium rare steak.  Instead of:  A big steak and a tiny dinner salad.

75% should + 25% want = 100% delicious, satisfying and healthy.

Pasta:  75% whole wheat, with 25% regular noodles.

Sauce:  75% light marinara with 25% meat sauce.

Peanut butter sandwich or toast:  one thin layer of regular, one thick layer of low calorie.

“But, LS Girl… they already make these hybrid, light, and quasi-light versions of most foods.  You’re wasting your time and money!”  Is that what you’re thinking?


Let me say this, about that:


There is something about personally, physically adding that 25% of deliciousness to your bowl, plate or glass.  It’s like:  “Yeah, baby… that’s what I’m talking about!”  And, you KNOW it’s in there.  You can see it, and taste it, and it’s yummy.   Somehow, that little 25% rises to the top of the taste buds.  It takes over.  It’s like the ultimate underdog victory, meal after meal.

Try it!  You might like it, and lose weight and feel better and look better and live longer, and keep your teeth, and not have disease.   I’m just sayin….

Eat your vegetables 🙂


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  1. Teri

    This is great advice! I love the way you discovered your plan. I lost some weight by using a similar strategy. The salad with a little steak is a favorite. I take my traditional meal of meat and potato and divide it. Between a couple of meals. I make lots of fresh veggies as main course and have either a small portion of potato or meat with it. That way, I am always having something I “want.” I haven’t given up anything. I don’t feel deprived. That’s the beauty of your 75% system. I’m am trying it.