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24th March
written by LS Girl

Life Skills:  That awkward moment – Gift Bags.

The party starts in 30 minutes.  If you don’t leave now you will be late, so you run outside and grab the free local newspaper laying on the side of your drive way.  You rip open the plastic bag and carefully slide the paper out, making sure no water spills onto the pages.  As you crumple the paper around the gift you realize you’ll also need a gift bag.  A Whole Foods grocery bag will do, thank goodness they still invest in small paper sacks.

You become excited, as you realize the size of this gift does not require the use of any tape to complete your project. You can simply slide the gift into the grocery bag and hit the road, and that is exactly what you do.

Many of us have given or received a gift bag.  The awkward moment comes after you’ve removed what you believe is the last item from the bag and you take that next step and do a sweep of the bag’s interior to ensure no smaller gifts are hiding inside. The “IS THAT IT?” awkward moment.

Driving down the road, a slide show of your last birthday party plays in your head. There you are, face to face with Aunt Ginny as she beams with excitement, certain you will love her gift.  You remove it from the bag and unwrap it, thrilled because Ginny has nailed it once again.  She really knows you.  As you drop your gaze from Ginny’s sparkling blue eyes and peer with curiosity back into the bag, you swish the paper stuffing around from side to side and hear Aunt Ginny say, “that’s it, that’s all there is”.

Ultimately, gift bags are evil tools of deception manufactured with the sole purpose of making you look greedy and gift givers feel inadequate, but they sure are convenient.

You arrive at the party and plop your little brown gift bag between a gigantic polk-a-dot wrapped present and a signature blue box from Tiffanys and await your turn to break the news – “that’s it”.


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