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1st July
written by LS Girl

Learning from your mistakes. Stupid things I’ve said and done.

Mistake #1

I ran the clothes dryer for three months without emptying the lint trap.  We had to clear the vent with a plumbers snake, it was so packed full.  Hint:  If there is just a fine film of lint on the trap, wet your finger and then run it over the lint film and it will lift off in to a lovely lint ball.

Mistake #2

How different is dishwasher detergent from dish soap?  Moments after snapping the dishwasher door shut, I witnessed three feet of cascading suds filling the entire kitchen. It took a week of filling up the dishwasher, scooping out the suds with a Chinese food take-out container, over… and over… and over… until it ran clear of suds.  Turns out, these two soaps are very different.

Mistake #3 (huge)

The day I had my tires rotated.  Super stupid day.  I had aluminum rims on my awesome  Pontiac and I took it to our local tire place to have the tires rotated.  When I arrived home, I noticed one of the lug nuts was missing.  They neglected to put it back on the tire.  I hopped back in the car, and returned to the tire place:

“John, one of my lug nuts is missing; I think someone forgot to put it back on.”

“No problem!  Let’s take a look.”

We walked towards my car, and I stopped, in shock, and I said to John, “That’s funny, when I was home, it was the bottom nut that was missing.”

My lug wasn’t the only nut John had to deal with that day.

Mistake #4

The VCR is the devil.  So, I used to tape LOST on my vintage VCR, JUST incase I missed an episode, I could rewind, and watch the tape.  This rarely happened, so it was mostly a precautionary measure.  Until one day, when we had a very bad snow storm and I ended up having to move a few appointments around, causing me to miss the show.  No fear.  I had my VCR.  I snuggled up under my blanket and pushed play… the episode was great, Mr. Eko’s years as a child were revealed to the HORROR of the viewing audience.  Just then, the local news cut in, and announced that we were going to get ANOTHER two feet of snow.  “WHAT!  We just GOT two feet of snow!” I said.  Turns out, it was the same snow that was already on the ground.  I was watching the taped broadcast, from the night before.


Cause for celebration!

These things happen to all of us:  “What was I thinking!”  The best course of action when stupidity takes the drivers seat, is to laugh at yourself.  Why do you think I’m so happy all the time?  Everyone.  I mean EVERY ONE knows something you don’t.  Every single person you encounter, every day, knows something you don’t know.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, or on others.  I once met a homeless fellow, he was about 17, and he seemed to know everything, about everything.  I asked him, “How do you know all this stuff?”, and he explained that he reads every newspaper in the library, every day… and completes all the crossword puzzles and games.  He explained that his father had to move him and his brother a lot, and he had attended too many schools to count.  He said the only thing he could rely on in a town, was its library. It was comfortable, and it was free.  It had a drinking fountain with fresh clean water, and bathrooms. And most of them were open until 8pm.  So after school, he would take the bus that dropped off students near the library, and read.   He occasionally stole food at the grocery store by eating it as he walked the aisles, and then paying for only what he could afford.  Survival.  That was his second area of expertise.  He didn’t teach me anything he, himself knew.  He taught me what I didn’t realize about myself. Instead of saying, “this person doesn’t know this or that”, say, “This person knows things I don’t, I can learn from them.”

The good news is… if you say this, you will always be right.

So, let’s recap:

  1. No one truly knows everything.
  2. No matter how wealthy, or well educated a person might be, they can learn something from YOU. And vice-versa.
  3. Remind yourself that everyone knows something you don’t know.
  4. Remind yourself that no matter how powerful or intelligent a person may seem, there is something they can learn from you.

For a more scientific look at things, check out this article.


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  2. JMaav

    So, today I was challenged to fix the dishwasher. I have been traveling, and my house partner was unable to get the diswasher to drain. I went online looking for parts that might be broken, and decided we needed a new drain pump and assorted parts that go with it. Got them ordered, (about $120), delivered, and today was the day to fix it. Pulled everything out, replaced the parts.. and started her up. Well, same problem – not draining. OK, so maybe its the control board in the diswasher… how much will that cost? Yikes, $289!! So, I went online again to look at options. Lo and behold, I came across a blog remark about somebody asked to check if their disposal drain plug at the diswasher connection had been removed. OMG! I replaced the disposal a month ago! Could it be?? – well, of course it was. So, $120 of new parts in the DW I’m not taking out, but its fixed… and I feel like an idiot.