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15th September
written by LS Girl

The Night of the Sleep-Stripper

I have very large, sensitive teeth.  They are so big, I only have 24 of them, because that’s all modern science can fit in to my mouth.  The others were extracted between the ages of 10 and 12, with a grand finale wisdom teeth extraction during my senior year of high school.  *the next sentence may be disturbing to anyone who finds it disturbing*  My father still has my teeth in a little container, in his dresser drawer… so they are not forgotten, they just aren’t in use.

My teeth.

 Crest Advanced Seal teeth


Because my teeth are so humongous, I feel the need to keep them straight, and white.  I did the head-gear (so hot!), spacers, braces with rubber bands, braces without rubber bands, and as of now, I’m basically in permanent retention with my sexy pink retainer, which I wear about once a week, at night.

My dentist, whom I trust and recommend to others, advised me to use Crest White Strips once a year, or every two years, to maintain my tooth color.

I received as a gift, a shiny box of the latest Advanced Seal Crest White Strips, and I love them.  Or, I loved them.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday I decided to do a white strip treatment, and read a book for a while.

I fell asleep.

Upon awakening, I ripped the strip from my mouth, and fell back to sleep.  As I write this, my teeth feel like exposed nerves.  Coffee – ouch.  Ice water – OUCH. Inhaling air – ouch.  VERY sensitive teeth.

Although I highly endorse Crest White Strips:  Don’t sleep and strip.



*Update:  the sensitivity subsided after about four or five days, and my teeth look healthy and white. Aside from my own blunder, the results are fantastic.  The Advanced Seal version is definitely worth the extra money.

Here is an interesting piece of dental (trivia?), wrestled from the tight grip of one dental professional, and shared with/by Julien Smith.


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  1. Gary

    It’s true! Leaving them on too long (even for just 10 extra min depending on how sensitive your teeth are) will SUPER SENSITIZE them for up to an hour or so. Not fun.