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15th March
written by LS Girl

Saving money doesn’t have to hurt.  Learn how to save money by eliminating the need to spend it in the first place. Here are simple ways to save money.

Who doesn’t want more cash?  We all do!  Here are a few simple tips to keep more money in your pocket/bank/mattress/high interest online bank account.

Are you ready to have more money?

Ok… here it comes… the most simple thing,  anyone can do it:

Stop breaking sh*t.

I do it.  We all do it.  We are in a rush, or upset, or anxious about something and we push too hard, pull like we are extracting a molar, or slam something down, and it breaks.    You just lost money.    Money gone.

Neglect can also play a role in breaking sh*t.  You can neglect something to the point that it simply fails.

Spilling. How much money do you think you’ve wasted dropping or spilling things?  I’m talking to you, martini drinkers!  Who invented those glasses, anyway?  It’s almost not fair to call it a glass.

Let’s talk about technology.  Cell phones, laptops, netbooks, gps,  e-readers.  We drop them, crack them, sit on them, run them over, spill on them (a double whammy).  We eat on them, sweat on them, spit on them… it’s no wonder they last five minutes.

How many computer keyboards have you owned?  Or, how many malfunctioning keys are you avoiding at this moment?


Slow down, my friends.         S    l    o    w          d    o    w    n.

If you own a lawn mower, take care of it.  Clean it off, keep it lubed.  It’s just a lawn mower, it’s not an indestructible device meant to endure everything in its path.  Get the blade sharpened.  Wait until the grass is dry.  Pick up the sticks.

When you are home, don’t rush around unless you really need to.  Most rushing is self induced.  It’s a timeline you put upon yourself.  “I have to get this done now!”  Really?  Of course there are firm deadlines, and opportunities to be seized, but most household rushing around is our own doing.  And, you’ll probably spill the soap.  Drop the white socks.  Ball up a red t-shirt with the sheets. Use two dryer sheets because you can’t afford the nanosecond it takes to peel them apart.  This all adds up to cold hard cash.

During a typical year, you could break thousands of dollars of stuff.  That’s a couple vacations worth of broken crap.

If you rush, and you break things,  you have to replace or repair them, and that will take a lot longer than if you simply took your time to begin with.

Slow down.  It’s green.  It saves money.  It saves stuff.


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  1. G

    I agree with everything except the dryer sheets. They know how many of themselves are needed. If they feel they need 2 of their brother sheets to do the job, I am not going to be the one to screw it all up.