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15th August
written by LS Girl

Unrelated piece of information:  My favorite geek would like everyone to know that there is 20TB of raw disk space on his server.  Now, let’s talk about a secret world.


Not much is a secret any more…

The secret life of bees. Bees live very interesting, organized lives and they contribute to our natural habitat more than most people realize: *warning, if you want to keep the life of the bee a secret, do not read or share this information.

The secret to success. Happiness.        Next…

THE Secret. Envision the life you want and it will change every action you take and move you toward that life.  If you want to beat the world record for the biggest ball of string… focus on big balls of string.  One day, maybe you’re on your way to work,  and you normally wouldn’t give that old hardware store a second glance… but today you are focusing on balls of string.  You look, and in the window is a sale:  ON STRING!  You are now one step closer to your goal.

Victoria’s Secret. Ummm… not much is left to the imagination at Victoria’s Secret.  The only real secret is, almost no one looks like that in real life.  Surprise!

Secret life of the American Teenager. How many shows do we need to prove to us that we’re not paying attention?

Secret shopper. Buy stuff.  Rate it, write it, get paid.

Is being a good finder of information a substitute for intelligence?  Is it intelligence?  A good googler can keep pace with most topics, and if you know ahead of time what you’re going to talk about, you can research just about anything.  Does that make you smart?  Is the smartest person actually the person who can type the fastest, and pays extra for super high speed internet?  Will the next generation be able to think on their feet, or will they let their fingers do the thinking?

Almost nothing is a secret.  Just ask the Google.

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