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15th July
written by LS Girl

Bela Lugosi’s Dead:  What Peter Murphy from Bauhaus can teach us about self worth, standing your ground, and taking the high road.

Not many people who meet me now, would know that I’m a reformed Goth chick (barely).   Well, it’s true.  My father refers to this time of my life as, “the dark years”.  I refer to it as

F&(*^*^*ing     A W E S O M E   ! ! !


In a daring move, I purchased concert tickets to see:  Bauhaus (original line up), and Nine Inch Nails (classic favorite for years).  Re-kindling my Gothism?  Perhaps.

The day of the concert arrived, and I wore a spiked belt with my now normal clothes.  I figured this would say, “HEY!  YOU!  YOUNG PERSON!  I used to be cool!”  My belt and I went through security, and entered the arena.  It was like stepping back in time to the days when I was DEAD and ALIVE, simultaneously.  This is how geeky I am:  I recognized a guy, from his haircut because I saw his picture online.  Of course I talked to him, and asked him where he got his boots.  He drooled on me.

Bauhaus opened (this is wrong, for so many reasons… if you’re really Goth you would agree with me).  They hit the stage with fierce adrenaline.  Peter Murphy and I were in the same room.  I have everything he ever recorded, and I listen to him almost every day, so this was a big deal for me.  He was twirling around and running the length of the stage.  The band was perfect.  He was perfect.  Everyone sounded _____________ (insert a term that means “the best thing you’ve ever heard”).

Ok.  This is where it goes off the rails.

Some jocks with VIP tickets were in the front row.  They were there for the free food and drinks, and probably to pick up half naked NIN fans.  Well, they started heckling Peter Murphy.  He almost threw his red feather boa at them, but decided that an “air stab” with a microphone stand might be better.  Peter was visibly upset… and that’s when it happened.  Or… DIDN’T happen.  It’s when I learned a valuable lesson.  A lesson I use, frequently.


Most of the time, it’s not what you say or do.  It’s what you don’t say or do, that matters. 


The band was deep into their set, and the bass player (David J) struck the first chord of Bela Lugosi’s Dead, a song that is iconic, and changed people’s lives starting in 1979 when it was originally released on the Small Wonder record label.  He delivered the note… and let it linger in the air, as the jocks continued heckling.

Do you know what Peter Murphy did?  He started singing a different song, and the band followed.  He said to himself, “If you don’t know, and appreciate the BEST song this band ever recorded.  A song that changed everything…. You don’t deserve to hear it.”

Although I, innocent victim of jock-jerk heckling, was saddened to not hear this song, I had immense respect for the decision made in the heat of the moment.  How many of us could make such a rational decision when the pressure is on, and someone is (literally) throwing things at us?

They finished the set, and gracefully left the stage.  I witnessed history.  A legend, a mentor to so many other bands; a leader who started it all… walked off the stage.

Moments later, I overheard a 15 year old girl say, in “Valley Girl” tone:  “Who WERE those guys?”


I left.


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 Personal Growth:  Peter Murphy, Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Personal Growth Peter Murphy

*UPDATE:  Looking forward to seeing Peter Murphy in Hamden CT!

Peter Murphy Hamden CT June 11 2014

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  1. Tom

    The Bauhaus piece was outstanding…while I’ve never been Goth at any point in my life I did find myself at many Gothy events held at the Grotto. I was a jock (only because I played sports) but went New Wave/Punk in the early 80’s which did not sit well with the Jock crowd…which was AWESOME! How much fun was it to show up a career jock during completive any sport engagement and then blast the B52’s, Police, Cars, Ramones, PIL or U2 in the parking lot? It was energizing!!! Understanding that those bands are tame by today’s standards but back then everybody was listening to Skynard, Zep, BOC and so on…but the weird electronic sounds and behavior was the beginning of the end of the concert tee shirt wearing sheep. I never hit my Goth stride but always admired the dedication to the lifestyle. I ended up following what was a natural fit for me…skate/surf rat…which lent itself very nicely to the bizarre music just starting to take hold. I got to hang with every walk of high school and college denomination because who’s gonna rag on a surf/skate rat except the career jocks? And no finer moment ever occurred in my life than schooling some jock ass punk in basketball/football/baseball with all the of jock groupies watching on…except when hearing “Daddy” uttered for the first time by my children. Surf/Skate rat forever rest in peace.

  2. 15/09/2012 Thanks for this comment, you’re awesome. I pasted a link… Check out show #350, and #351. They are all very good, but those two shows are about 1977 punk, one from UK, and one from NY. Your “Daddy” was my “Ma’am”. A piece of me died that day.