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1st August
written by LS Girl

I was recently asked to describe myself, using only three words.

“Describe yourself in three words” and below the question was a text entry box.  When I started to type, it said, “you have two words remaining”.  This was a serious request.  They literally only wanted and PERMITTED three words in the text box.

As I stared at the blank box (after backspacing out the word I typed), I realized… “who the hell am I, anyway?”

Writing for both fun and profit, are an integral part of my life, and have been since I was 8 years old.  Although the profit did not begin until I was in my late 20’s, the writing started in about the third or fourth grade. But three words?  This was an exercise in personal growth I had not anticipated.

I finally came up with my three.  But I ask you… what three words would you use, to describe ANYTHING, never mind yourself?

Let’s try it:  Describe your car:  Black.  Shift.  Small. Ok… do you know what kind of car I have?

How about food:  Describe your lunch:  Light.  Tasty.  Bread.  Do you know what I had for lunch?

Describe your career:  Challenging.  Meaningful.  SMB.  Do you know what I do?

Describe your pet:  Wagging.  Brown.  Beagle.  Ok, that’s pretty clear.

I challenge you to try it.  Describe yourself in three words.

_______________,  _________________,  __________________



I finally typed:  “Exudes childlike enthusiasm”.  Then I jumped up, danced around wildly, sang a high note, and hit SUBMIT.



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