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1st June
written by LS Girl

Who decided it was a good idea to put nipples on mannequins?

And stranger yet:  Nipples… are a must.   Heads… are optional.

While strolling through the mall, I noticed the majority of window displays consisted of an assortment of rather sexy mannequins.  Now, let me preface this by saying:  I own a mannequin; Mathilda.  I acquired her in 1988, when the bridal boutique I worked for closed.  I think I paid $1 for her, thanks to the generosity of the shop owner, Jean.




So, I have a thing for mannequins.

As I walked along, looking in the different windows at the latest fashions, I could not escape the apparent headlights shining in my face.  Nipples!  All of the mannequins had large, protruding nipples; but no heads.

Perhaps heads are expensive, I thought.  Nope.  The Google revealed these surprising figures: A similar body WITH a head, averages $100, and the headless nipple version, $150.  Shipping is about the same:  $50.

Also, you can choose from many categories, or sub-cultures.  There are new mannequins, used mannequins, and the unfortunate spinster:  closeout mannequins for sale.  There are “sexy” mannequins, and “voluptuous” mannequins.  Mannequins are available in all colors, sizes, materials, textures and positions.  (why do I feel like I’m writing porn all of the sudden?).

Here are the photos I took in the mall:













Now, I’m not going to carry on about the messages we send to our youth, body image, sexism, how:  “obviously, men designed these” or how great they are.  I’m not going to comment on how fantastic it is that we are evolving and gaining more freedom and comfort with our bodies.  I’m just going to say:


Does this dress make my nipples look fat?”


If you need even MORE excitement… visit the LifeStuff YouTube Channel:





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