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20th June
written by LS Girl

There are many reasons to love the internet.  Here is my reason #547.  WARNING:  This post contains content related to bodily functions.  You’ve been warned.

Recently, I entered “Carvel blue frosting my poop is green”, into the search engine and received pages of varied, yet reassuring results and commentary confirming this is a common occurrence.

The frosting on any cake is usually my favorite. At my previous job, my boss would hand me my piece of cake along with the box cardboard the cake was on, because it typically would have a ring of frosting left behind. I miss those “birthday month”  celebrations.

my poop is green

Apparently, Carvel ice cream cake blue frosting can turn your poop green.

Years ago, a morning like this would have initiated a call to the doctor or caused me to worry myself sick all day. Thanks to the internet, I can reassure myself. Many people research a health condition and it causes more worry and concern.

Luckily, today was a reassuring day.


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