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15th November
written by LS Girl

In a recent email, I wrote the following:

“I hate Sandy, and nor’easters.  And seeing our neighbors houses LITERALLY crumbled and falling in to the sea. I guess the up side would be, we did get a larger sandbar on the beach at the end of our street.  Going for walks is so depressing now.  It’s just downed fences and washed away houses and dumpsters parked in front of homes with stickers that read, “DANGER uninhabitable”.  And the people in their yards, looking like zombies, tossing their furniture in to the trash.  It’s like this for miles; house after house after house.  I feel guilty being normal, and worrying about if I should cook in the crockpot or the oven.  This is my big problem for today.” 

Writing that email really affected me.  I had not articulated or accepted what was going on all around me.  I felt too guilty, even though I donated and helped out neighbors, it seemed like a speck of a contribution.

This leads me to my new relationship with Twitter, (really, it does).  One thing that stood out over the last few weeks, was my Twitter Timeline.  It was very positive.  Now, I might just be lucky, and follow upbeat people, but the overall vibe of the timeline was:

“It’s a storm.  It’s bad.  We rock.  And our awesomeness will prevail.”

Additionally, many people in the path of the storm carried on in a normal fashion.  They were rocks of stability.  Even as the tragic photos and feeds poured in with the devastation, the tweets were peppered with “how to volunteer” “donate here” “help #Sandy victims”.  It wasn’t just doom and gloom.

As a newcomer to Twitter, I struggle with it on a daily basis.  There are so many apps and add-ons and ways to tweet, organize, and promote information.  I literally don’t know where to start.  Or stop.  However, I can say; this experience did encourage me to stick with it, and figure it out.

I do struggle with the guilt of having four walls, furniture, and electricity.  But, the attitude of the people I meet on the street continues to amaze me.  Their attitude screams:   We are awesome, and we will prevail.


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  1. 27/01/2013

    Great meeting you, and your life…stuff…blog is absolutely fabulous. Instead of watching a netflix movie tonight, I’m going to hang out on your blog and read all your existing postings….I’m sure all will be as engaging a read as the first one! Keep up the great work, and I’ll do my best to share your blog to others I know will love the read! Priscilla Lynn/PrisCo Consulting LLC

  2. 30/01/2013

    Thank you! It was fantastic meeting you, too. I appreciate the kind words, and look forward to more Meetup’s in the future! Thank you for spreading the word, I will do the same for PrisCo as I was very impressed with your knowledge and generosity in sharing so much valuable information during the Meetup.