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25th May
written by LS Girl

Nothing tastes better than freshly harvested, locally grown produce.  The Farmer’s Garden allows local farmers, and backyard gardeners to buy, sell, or trade their produce by enabling growers and buyers to find each other.  Read on…

It’s the weekend, and I’m relaxing on the loveseat going through emails when I opened and read a message I received from a friend that was so encouraging, I had to share it. It’s about a new concept for local growers of produce to find each other, and it’s fantastic:


The Farmer’s Garden – Place for Locavores to Connect

Many people plant backyard gardens and end up with more produce than they can use. They give vegetables, fruit, berries, etc. away to their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, but still have extra.

The Farmer’s Garden is the place to sell your surplus crops and the place for people who want to purchase locally grown produce to find what they’re looking for. You can also trade your banner crop of one thing for your neighbor’s bountiful crop of something else.

Many backyard gardeners practice organic cultivation methods. Don’t pay exorbitant prices at your local grocery store for organic food grown halfway around the world, shop from local growers instead.  Locally grown produce might be just around the corner.


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