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1st May
written by LS Girl

Life Skills – The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

There were a couple of rough patches in my life when money was extremely tight and options were few. My budget was $20 a week for “living expenses”. That meant: the rent and utilities were paid, the car payment cleared, the gas tank was at least half-full and there’s $20 dollars left for hygiene, groceries, laundry, and fun. Thankfully I like doing laundry, so that was also classified as “fun”.

It wasn’t all bad. It felt good to just sit and read a free magazine at the Laundromat.

Having such a limited budget forced me to choose my purchases wisely. For cookware, I selected one cast iron skillet by Lodge, with a price tag of $24.99. Several weeks later, I found a glass lid at a thrift store for $2, which replaced an aluminum foil “lid” for making things such as rice.

The pros of owning this one Lodge Cast Iron Skillet included:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Can be used on the stove or in the oven

On the stove:

  • Awesome for re-heating pizza
  • (A must try: put slices in skillet on stove top, put on med-low heat for about 15 minutes, then lay a piece of aluminum foil over the top, so it doesnt touch the pizza and lets some air out, for about 10 additional minutes. Times will vary based on pizza thickness.)
  • Great for cooking: steak, chicken, shrimp, vegetables, rice, stir fry dishes, bacon and eggs (which are great for dinner) omelets, grilled cheese, toast, hotdogs, hamburgers, toasted buns and rolls, re-heating chicken wings, sausage and peppers
  • Char your steak at high heat on the stove, finish in the oven to seal in the juices

In the oven:

  • Finishing off the perfect frittata
  • Baked filet of fish
  • Brownie pie (brownie mix, plus one cup of chocolate and/or peanut butter chips)
  • Meatloaf pie
  • Seven layer Mexican dip
  • If you seal foods up in foil, you can steam fish, vegetables, chicken
  • You can also roast a whole small chicken with some potatoes, and then make gravy on the stove with the drippings

Additionally, your skillet can be used for self-defense and is the perfect weight to press the liquid from a block of tofu.

The days of being on a $20 a week budget are gone, but even with a handful of pans, this same skillet is my go-to cooking vessel, although I do enjoy frying eggs in an “Orgreenic”. If you haven’t made eggs in this kind of pan, it’s a must try. They slip around so easily, they are almost hard to flip!

Choices are many, but in the cookware voting booth, I’m cast iron all the way.

*Note: You cannot use cast iron cookware on glass stovetops. If you want to try cast iron, you’ll have to buy a standalone burner which will run you anywhere from $15-$150.

Here are a few links to Lodge products, check them out!


Here is an example of an inexpensive stand alone burner:


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  1. j b verde

    Hola: I have a glass-top stove and my cast iron skillets do just fine on it. Que pasa? jb