26th August
written by LS Girl

I hate selling.  “To Sell is Human” helped.  Mentors helped.  Being somewhat successful helped.  Still, it’s not how I would describe myself even if my primary role were that of a “sales representative.”  And, it is. I am a sales representative.

Selling managed IT services to small and medium sized businesses is my primary source of income.  Writing about it, is my second.

I fell into that special place where the two circles overlap when I began writing about what I sell and the experiences I have along the way.

how to close more sales

But, you clicked on this story because you want to close more sales, and you’re looking for the fast track to success.  Fortunately, if you are like most people who sell, there are probably a few things you could do differently that would make a big difference:


Special thing #1 – How to close more sales:

Keep styles in check:  When you encounter someone who indicates they are interested in what you have to offer, it’s hard to maintain the same pace and communication style you had before this person said they love you.  When you come face to face with a “buying sign,” your heart races.  You get excited.  You picture your name on the sales board and hear the accolades.  You imagine standing at the register as they ring up that ooh-shiny object you’ve been saving for.  You envision a drone delivering a big box full of awesome. You swoon at the thought of how happy your customer will be.

Meanwhile, your new lover is the same ole’ guy or gal you’ve been gingerly keeping tabs on for some time now, and they have come to like your style.  Try not to suffocate them, and above all – respond using the “indicated style.”

The indicated style? The indicated style is key!  If Mary calls you and says she wants to sign up for a 30-day trial, call Mary back with the next step.  Don’t go straight to using email.

Here is a scientific reference sheet.  It’s called the ISC “Indicated Style Chart”

Mary calls you – You call Mary

Mary emails you – You email Mary

Mary emails you, and asks you to call – You call Mary

Mary calls you, and asks you to email – You email Mary


Don’t take it upon yourself to decide for Mary how she wants to communicate.  She’s showing or telling you, with her own actions and words.

Follow her lead.


Special thing #2 – How to close more sales:

Avoid murdering your opportunity for success. If you began this romance with a few short, no-nonsense email messages and Mary responded in-kind, do not suddenly unleash a seventeen paragraph saga with links and downloads and bullet points and indented content with some color and italics and underlines and a snappy quote from a famous leader written in five different fonts.

In contrast, if you began the relationship with a short message and Mary responded with a lengthy, deep dive into her situation, you respond similarly.

ISC #2:

You send a two-sentence email – Mary responds with six-paragraph email – You respond with lengthier messages.

You send a two-paragraph email – Mary responds with a four-word message – You respond concisely.

Mary emails you with a list of questions – You respond with a list of answers

Mary emails you with a paragraph full of various questions – You respond with a paragraph of answers.


You can always include a “recap” that runs down the answers, but match Mary’s style, first, and foremost.

Calling an “emailer”, and emailing a “caller” will only add unnecessary obstacles and slow down your progress.


SC#3:  The special place where the two circles overlap.

Mary is a caller, and you need to email her – Call Mary and explain you will be emailing her.

Mary is an emailer, and you need to call her – Email Mary and explain you will be calling.


The last little tip for closing more sales, is to use a three prong approach when you first begin communicating with someone.


1)    Call

2)    Email short message

3)    Email long message


They will most likely respond to one of these, and when they do you have a better idea of how they like to communicate.


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