20th November
written by LS Girl

“Total Raisin Bran discontinued.” 

Could this be true? Apparently, it is. According to the General Mills website:

total raisin bran discontinued

Upon hearing this, I did what any rational cereal lover would do and I called my local store and asked them to “set aside three or four boxes if they have any on order or coming in soon.” The kind young man took my name and number and said he’d give me a call. He is probably still laughing and shaking his head.

Next, I went to the internet and searched for my beloved box of deliciousness. Prices ranged from $8 – $40 A BOX. For ONE box of cereal. Supply and demand.

It reminds us all of how we felt when Tide’s Stain Release Boost spray disappeared from store shelves (and now sells for $30-$40 a bottle, if you can even find one). My plan for today was to stop at the MAC store and buy my favorite lipstick but with the way things are going, I should probably call first.


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