4th August
written by LS Girl

If you wake up one day and realize that you have a hard time processing emotions and feelings, you are not alone. Should you choose to seek out answers using the internet, you will find a wide variety of tools and resources.  Here is a distillation of what I have found helpful:

Think of yourself as a colander.

Imagine that your thoughts and feelings are pouring into you, as if you were a bowl.

But, you are not a bowl.

You, are a colander.


Those feelings pass right through you.

Yes, your feelings are real.  Sometimes they are hot or cold.  Other times there is a lot of stuff in the colander so feelings pass through a bit slower, but they are always on the move.  Even laughter doesn’t last forever.

Try it:

The next time your co-worker does that thing that drives you crazy, or your spouse leaves the whatever in that place it doesn’t belong, or a stranger is nasty for no reason, go ahead and acknowledge that you are upset or frustrated. See the feelings coming towards you the way a pot of steaming water with noodles rushes towards the colander. Imagine the feelings washing over you and then moving right through you and floating away.

You are, after all, just a bunch of cells.  In between each little microscopic cell is a little bit of space.

feelings and emotions


I’m not a doctor, or lawyer, or business executive. This is not medical advice or even friendly advice. It’s just an observation and description of something that has helped me to quickly process less than helpful feelings and emotions.  Let them roll along, and keep yourself “al dente“. Nobody wants to be a mushy noodle. Let it flow.



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