27th December
written by LS Girl

Tim Ferriss 100 or less

Tim Ferriss sometimes asks his podcast guests, “What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life, in recent memory?”

Tim, that’s an easy one. It’s my AA battery operated milk frother that I purchased online for $8.

Tim might jump in with, “A milk frother! What kind? Can you let the listeners know, if not I’ll put it in the show notes.”

I’d respond to his enthusiasm with something like this: Tim, you know it started out with more of a protein shake mixer type of thing. Then I tried a few actual milk frothers and found the Ikea frother for less than $5 works great. So, I guess my actual investment is closer to $10 in total.

Tim Ferriss might then say something like, “Would you consider yourself a barista or do you use the frother for some odd off-label purposes?”

Hahaha! I’d laugh because Tim’s podcast usually makes me laugh out loud. I’d explain that I have become a self- proclaimed “Microwave Barista”, and that I recently mastered the controversial “Flat White” drink using my frother, coffee, milk, and a microwave.

In a shocking twist, Molly would begin to bark wildly as the police burst in to Tim’s house, cuffing me, and untying Tim from his dining chair. I’d thank Tim for “inviting” me to be a guest on his podcast, and my Google search results would forever be marred with a mugshot of my face with “Tim Ferriss Rules” written across my forehead.

But seriously, if you want to save a boat load of cash (a Flat White will run you $4-$6 dollars at a coffee shop) MAKE YOUR OWN FLAT WHITE AT HOME.

Here are the Tools (of Titans?) you’ll need:

Ikea Milk Frother – $5 or less
2 cup glass measuring cup – around $5 (glass only)

Here are the Directions:

Microwave 4,6, or 8 oz of milk in a glass measuring cup for 30 seconds to 1 minute or until the milk has just a few tiny bubbles on top.

Pour about 8oz of coffee or a few espresso shots into a mug

Froth your warm milk by starting with the frother at the bottom, and move it up towards the top, holding the measuring cup at a slight angle. Once the milk (2%, Organic Valley Grassmilk seems to work best) about doubles in size, turn the frother off and use the tip to gently swirl the bubbles out of the milk so it’s creamy and evenly textured.

Pour the milk directly into the center of your cup, and enjoy.

Fiddle around with your coffee to milk ratio until they are to your liking.

Tim Ferriss 100 or less

Boom! You just saved about $5, and the taste and mouth-feel is 95% as good as a coffee shop beverage. Is achieving that last five percent worth spending $5? Probably not, in most cases.


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