5th April
written by LS Girl

You really can workout just about anywhere with this DIY Travel Yoga Mat. If you like to go running or for a walk and would like to integrate some strength training, stretching, or other exercises but do not have an appropriate place to do so: MAKE an appropriate place.

Maybe you are staying in hotels, Airbnbs, or with friends and family and they are not set up for a workout. No problem. Travel Yoga Mat to the rescue.

Here is how to make your own Travel Yoga Mat and Workout Anywhere:

Take an old yoga mat, or buy one at a discount store. Personally, I recommend a slightly thicker mat for this application.

Tools required: Money, mat, ruler, pen/pencil, scissors


Step ONE: Purchase a Yoga Mat.

Next, you’ll want to minimize your yoga mat. Most mats have a check pattern of raised nubs that you can follow to help cut in a straight line.


Step TWO: Cut an 8” – 10” piece from the end of your yoga mat.

Now, you will fold the mat in half, and then in half again, or measure the mat and cut into four equal rectangles.

travel yoga mat workout anywhere

You are now ready to workout anywhere.

Workout while on a jog, run, or walk:

Take two small mats, and roll them up. Now hold them in your hands like a relay race baton while you are on the move, like this:

travel yoga mat exercise while running

While at the playground or park:

If you find a nice set of bars where you can do pull-ups or similar, wrap the small mats around or over the bar for some cushion, like this:

travel yoga mat pullups in park

If you want to do some floor exercises on a slab of sidewalk, driveway, parking lot or grass, arrange the mats in a square so they support your knees and hands. Double them up for push-ups under your hands, or line them all up in a row and do crunches, sit-ups, etc.

travel yoga mat DIY


These small yoga mat pads are versatile! Give them a try!