2nd December
written by LS Girl

Convert RGB to paint color – How to convert print or graphics colors to paint.  I was right where you are. Searching for a way to make this awesome color I saw online, into some paint for a home improvement project. For me, it was after reading Marie Kondo’s “the life-changing magic of tidying up” and going on a closet make-over rampage.


Fold clothes and stand on end.

Must make closet a place of joy.

Finding the perfect peacock blue-green color for the inside of my closet became a full time job. Excited to have finally found the perfect color on Pintrest, I saved the image to my hard drive and opened it in a program called PhotoScape which I use for graphics and photo editing.

Done! I have the exact Red Green Blue (RGB) color profile jotted down on a piece of paper so I marched off to the paint store.


Matching paint to a printed color – Boo Hoo.


No. Nope, we can’t use that to create a custom paint.” The guy behind the counter could see that I was saddened to hear this. But after thinking about it, it made sense that the way paint turns into a color is different from how print and computer graphics turns into a color. It’s very sciency and there are other blog posts who dig into this, in detail. This is not that kind of blog post.

I wanted my RGB color on the walls of my new, organized, KonMari method kick-ass closet.


Are you in this same situation? Are you trying to convert RGB to paint from an image you see in a photo or on your computer or phone?


Here is a way to convert your RGB to paint. It received rave reviews from the Sherwin Williams store manager, who jokingly said, “I’m going to tell my customers about this. We’ll call it the “LynSan” Method!”

convert rgb to paint

Here is, the LynSan Method of Converting RGB to Paint:

Find a color or create one using a HEX, RGB or eyedropper/ tool. Here are a few tools, but there are many.




Or, of you find a photo on a website, you can save the photo and open it in Paint, or a similar program and using the eyedropper tool, select the color you want for your paint. Once you have the paint color isolated, click on custom color or open the color selector window which should show you the RGB profile. Example of steps:

match paint to picture on computer

Now you have your color profile in a language your computer can understand. The next set of steps may seem like a hassle, but I’m telling you, it was very well received by Sherwin Williams and the paint matched 100% to perfection.


Hassle? Compared to what?


Open a new Word Doc or similar, and insert or create the biggest box you can, and fill the box with your color, and save as PDF.

Take this document to Staples, or a high quality printing company, and have the page printed on 28lb white paper.

I emailed the doc to Staples, and had them print it in color on 28lb 100% white premium paper. Like this.

Or, put the doc on a flash drive and hustle down to the printer and have it printed while you wait.

According to the Sherwin Williams paint guru, “This printed page worked out great, even better than I expected. The finish and sheen of the paper made a big difference in the results.

As you can see from the first image at the top of this post, the color matched extremely well.

It may seem like a lot of steps, but the search for the right color paint is not an easy one. Investing one hour on a computer and five minutes in a store to get the exact color you want is better than the blinding concept of staring down a wall of paint samples or using an app that gets it “almost” right.

Happy Paint Matching!

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