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15th March
written by LS Girl

After reading an article on the health benefits of consuming about eleven white raisins soaked in gin, the decision was made to incorporate this into the daily routine.


The little jar of gin soaked raisins sat on the top of a brown/black 58″ x 58″ Ikea bookcase. You know the one. It’s technically 57 7/8″, “Kallax” series. It stars in a lot of movies you probably see it all the time in TV shows.

Gin soaked raisins

The kickoff of the raisin remedy coincided with an early morning Bikram Yoga class, so I put on my moisture-wicking outfit, pinched eleven raisins into a plastic shot glass, and nibbled on them during the 20 minute drive to the class.

On this day I chose the front row, two mats away from the teacher.

As the class began, I started to feel a little funny. It was hard to maintain my composure. Everything felt really weird. That’s because I was wasted. Drunk as hell, and in a 105 degree room with 40 other people.

It was challenging to keep a straight face and do the poses, but I wobbled my way through the class. By the end, I was feeling a lot better but I sat in my car with the heat blasting for a long while before leaving.

When I arrived home, the raisins were flushed down the toilet, and the “Lost Yoga Class” went into the black hole of forgotten experiences.

This remedy might work simply by making you so drunk you don’t care about your arthritis, however, many people swear by it.


Gin soaked raisin recipe: I do not remember which article(s) I read, but here is one, in case you are interested:

Ikea Bookcase: As of the date of this blog post, this link takes you to the Kallax shelving series:

Bookcase superstar: Check out Ikea furniture in movies and on TV, here:

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