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15th April
written by LS Girl

Finding jeans that fit is a challenge, and if you shop the warehouse sales – there are no fitting rooms.  LS Girl to the rescue; you can try on pants anywhere.  Here’s how:

Most people know that if you spread your arms, the distance from the tip of your middle finger to the other tip equals your height.  I will wait.  Go ahead.  See if that’s true. 

Did it add up? 

It was probably close, if not exact.  And, here is another thing that is close, if not exact:  Your neckline, and your waistline.  “That can’t be!”  “No way!”  “There is no way that is true.” 

I have heard it all, but I assure you – I am not the one trying on pants in the aisles at Filene’s Basement, or Nordstrom’s Rack.  I don’t have to, because I always have my perfect pant size with me:  My neck. 


Finding jeans that fit, try it!


finding jeans that fit


Get a pair of pants right now, or remove the pants you are wearing.  Wrap the waist around your neck so the waistband falls at the base of your throat.  The band should JUST MEET at the divot in your neck (the spot where they make a slit with a pocketknife and stick a pen in you, if you are dying in a movie or TV hospital drama.)  In other words, put the waist of your pants around your neck like a superhero cape. 

Now when you go to the store, you can “superhero cape” any pair of pants, and find the right size.  Just make a mental note of how your current pants lay around your neck, and go for that same fit. 

Pants + Neck = Waist

To all the low, and super-low waisters out there, you may have a full inch overlap at the divot in your neck, just remember approximately how much of an overlap you have.  This technique is more accurate than holding the jeans against you.  

Do you prefer pants with a little stretch in them?  You may find that the waistband barely touches, and the stretch makes up the other inch. 

Let’s review:

  • Place waist of pants to neckline, like a superhero cape.
  • Regular Pants:  half inch overlap
  • Low and Super-low:  one inch overlap
  • Stretch:  very little, to no overlap

Try this with several pairs of jeans that you currently own, and find a good middle ground. 

Now you can try on pants anywhere, and look like a superhero. I even picked out your superhero names:  PantsMAN, and SUPERBritch


Here is a video of a pair of pants in action:  “Party Pants”  – Enjoy!


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