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11th September
written by LS Girl

Take control of the information in your life, lower stress, and have more fun. Learn to fetch.

I’m a fetcher.  This decision didn’t come lightly.  Many painstaking MONTHS were spent hovering over the idea.  Here’s how it started:

35mm film.  Remember that?  It smelled kind weird, but also good… like a library book.  I love(d) my Pentax K1000.  With an entry level Pentax, you have to WORK at taking a photo and HOPE it processes in to something of value you can slide in to an album and look at every 17 years when yet another friend who’s getting a divorce needs to sleep on your couch.  What’s better than old pictures from 1985 to get someone’s mind off their troubles!

A couple of years ago one of my favorite geeks (ok, my FAVORITE geek) was going on and on about this thing called a Kindle.  “So, you hold this hard, flat electronic device in your hand, and read “books”?  WHO would want that?” I said.

Not to mention the “look at me… I have a Kindle!” factor,  and the increased potential for losing a whole lot of “books” when you misplace your Kindle.  I thought:  Great.  Another single point of failure in our lives… this time it is books and literature at risk. What about turning the pages… the smell of the paper (especially those library books)  OH… and at the library… books are FREE. 99 cents is the best you can probably do with a Kindle story, and you have to buy the Kindle itself.

So, I trot off with my firm anti-Kindle beliefs, until one day in September 2009.  The day I held a Kindle in my hand.  Everything changed.  I immediately grasped what the geek was talking about.  It was awesome.  I started asking everyone…. even strangers… “do you have a Kindle?  Oh, they are so cool.”  And they are cool.  And they do make life easier.  And you can lose your Kindle and survive to live another day, because of miracle storage space at, reserved just for your Kindle.  I was a changed person.

Meanwhile, I take a couple vacations here and there with my little digital ELF camera, leaving the Pentax behind in an old wooden chest zipped up in a convenient shoulder bag which holds all the lenses, etc.  The ELF fits in my pocket.  Previously, my favorite geek informed me that digital cameras were better for so many reasons… you can review the pictures and keep only the ones you want.  They are smaller, lighter, and you can actually show other people pictures right on the camera’s preview screen.  WHO would walk around with a camera saying “Look!  look at this 2″ version of what would be a nice 4×6 matte or glossy finish photo if I took this picture with my Pentax… squint!  see… that’s me next to Tony Soprano!  I saw him at a casino while I was in Vegas!”  Tony Soprano is real.

But, there I stood in my office, showing off my vacation photos on the 2″ screen of my ELF digital camera.  Again,  I had changed and gleefully adopted the ways of new technology.  Which brings me to FETCHING.

Everyone I know has an iPhone or some kind of smartphone.  My cell phone is just  that:  a phone.  It had one game, Bubble Breaker.  In its day, this phone was a really sweet ride; but that was seven years ago.  Of course I was eligible for an upgrade to just about anything imaginable.  However, the thought of having my email and all my messages hounding me all day and night was… disturbing.  What would happen to me?  Would I need botox because my face is now all scrunched up from stressing out reading all my emails?  What about my shoulder… the shooting pains, would they get worse?  Would I ever be able to relax again?

And then I learned about fetching from my take-it-or-leave-it technology neutral  friend, Madame X (read more about Madame X here)

The iPhone has a setting that basically fetches your email when you feel like reading the messages.  So… if I’m away, or unexpectedly detained.  I fetch.

With my email safely tucked away, my ELF in my pocket and my fond memories of the day I held the Kindle; I promptly got an iPhone and  downloaded the iBooks app, and the Hipstamatic app… and now my iPhone is all I need with me to talk, text, write, email when I damn well please, read books, magazines, newspapers and pdfs, play games, be a photographer, a movie director, draw, sketch or take notes.  It’s great!

I do believe that over time, we will morph into giant-headed, goggle-eyed, monster-thumbed freaky looking shadows of our former ape-like selves… but something tells me you probably drove a car, used a microwave or a washing machine in the last 5 to 7 days.  Or, perhaps an X-ray or the DaVinci saved your life or the life of someone you know.

Technology.  It’s the new.

On my iPhone:

iBooks, Vellum, Hipstamatic, Doodle Jump, Quell, Pandora, I Hear Ewe, Fandango, Urban Spoon, Lose It!, Convert Units, Plants vs Zombies.

So while waiting for the train:  I can read, draw something, take a quality photo, hop on some clouds, run a maze, listen to Punk Rock, produce animal noises, buy a movie ticket, find a restaurant nearby, figure out how many calories I just ate, convert the miles I traveled into kilometers, and kill some stuff.

And I can fetch. 


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