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11th July
written by LS Girl

Located in a shopping center facing the sparkling Long Island Sound, is Domenic’s Apizza West Haven CT.  It is a carry-out establishment owned and operated by Domenic Giannotti. View Menu


18 Ocean Ave, Baybrook Shopping Center


As you enter the place, you are greeted by the friendly, hard-working staff, or Domenic, himself (who is also friendly and hard-working).  There are a handful of seats if your pie isn’t quite ready, and a cooler full of to-go beverages.  It smells so good, you know you’ll being pushing the envelope of the speed limit driving home.

When he’s not busy chopping onions, wearing his protective goggles and be-bopping around to the Top 40 tunes, Domenic is serving up some delicious thin crust apizza pies.

Domenic’s Apizza is delicious.  It’s my “benchmark” pizza to which all other pizzas are compared.

A simple mozzarella pizza will force you to make sounds of delight as you dig in to the thin, crisp, perfectly balanced pie.

Sauce:  Just right.  Not too runny, or sweet, or spicy… and not too much of it, the perfect amount.

Toppings:  Harmonious to the type of pizza you order.  Not too much, or too little.  Nothing overpowers the thin crust, it’s just right.

Ingredients:  Fresh, tasty, and plentiful.  With such a magnificently thin crust, the ingredients are chopped, sliced, and diced to offer an abundant array of evenly distributed ingredients, with enough crust to hold on to, but not so much that it’s like an order of breadsticks in your belly.

Specials:  Tuesday and Wednesday, Large Mozzarella Apizza, $9.00

Breakfast Pizza, Mashed Potato Pizza, Lasagna Pizza, BBQ Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

Also offers:  Stuffed Breads, Calzones, Sub Sandwiches, and select Italian Enrees.


The mashed potato with bacon is one of my favorites.  I’ve also had a white pie, with spinach and bacon.  Sausage and peppers, mozzarella, mushroom and onion.  It’s all delicious.  I’m holding out for a special occasion, but I’m going to try their Breakfast Pizza.  If what I’ve heard is true…It may take the place of my already non-traditional birthday cake (which is currently a pumpkin pie).

Buy two, you won’t regret it.


Domenic’s Apizza
18 Ocean Ave, West Haven, CT 06516-7048
Hours:  Lunch and Dinner
Open until 9pm during the week
10pm Fri/Sat only.
Update:  Just tried their stuffed breads:  INCREDIBLE, and a great value.  I recommend trying these.  The breads just fit the length of a large pizza box, and are about 2″, 2.5″ thick.  I would have posted a photo, but they were so delicious, I ate them. (broccoli and cheese, sausage and cheese)
Update:  Tuesday night cheese pizza special is a great value and makes movie night very delicious!
Update: This pizza freezes amazingly well. Let the slices come to about room temperature. Slide them into a resealable bag (I use the paper in the pizza box to separate and “layer” the slices) pop in the freezer. To reheat: put in a skillet on the stove top, gently lay a piece of tin foil on top of the skillet or place the lid on top until the cheese is melty. It will be allllllmost as good as when you got it!


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