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15th November
written by LS Girl

When I am traveling around, I like to scout out a favorite coffee shop.  It’s  great to have a “go to” place when you are on the road. 


On this particular day, I found myself in between appointments with about an hour to kill, so I scheduled a hot date with my iPad and headed to the local coffee shop.  I entered, and there was a short line ahead of me.  As I stood waiting my turn, I gawked around at things like the individually wrapped cookies that clearly wanted me as much as I wanted them, and I casually observed the employees at work behind the counter.


The Encounter: 

A petite brunette scampered by taking orders and serving up coffees while a couple of other staff members created lunches and different menu items in the background.  As I neared the counter, I decided to boldly comment on her hair.  I really liked it.  Instead of just saying, “I like your hair”, I changed it up to, “I love your hair, where do you get it cut?”.  I’m not sure why I asked this, but there it was.  I ordered a coffee and the girl with the magnificent hair dodged my question. The shop was busy, and there was another person behind me so I thought my query would remain an isolated compliment, but as she handed me my cup, she sheepishly said, “Well, my boyfriend cuts it.”

Turns out, he puts it in some kind of ponytail, and just whacks it off.  Let me tell you, it looked like a New York City runway haircut.  “Get out!” I said.  I was loving this conversation.  She went on to give a couple of details about the preparation and the cutting process, which sounded like they might take five minutes if you truly poked along.  I was a cut your own hair graduate.


The Execution:

Fast-forward about two months, and it was the weekend for The Gathering of The Vibes Festival in Bridgeport, CT and I was excited to spend the next 72 hours enjoying the sights and sounds an event like The Vibes has to offer.  My regularly scheduled salon appointment was cancelled, and I was feeling pretty unkempt, but thought:  I am going to be with awesome hippies… shaggy is how I want to roll.  And that’s when it hit me.  I should try it.  I should put my shoulder length hair in a ponytail, and just whack it off into a chin-length bob.

I scavenged around for an elastic hair band, and combed my dry hair and secured it into a ponytail.  Carefully, I held the tail away from my neck, reached up and over my head, and aiming the scissors down, I sawed that clump of hair right off.  Whack!  It was done.  I felt the back of my head, and there was a rubber hair band with about one inch of hair, bluntly sticking out.  I pulled the elastic off and swung my head back and forth (like a dog, drying off).  Wow!  I loved it.  After a couple of minor tweaks and touch ups, my hair looked exactly as I had hoped.  I was a cut your own hair success story.


The Reward:

That was over a year ago, and since that time, I have saved about $1600 cutting my own hair.  It is never too long, or too short.  I did invest in a $60 pair of scissors from Sally’s Beauty Supply, but even with that expense, I am way ahead of the game.

I cannot say solo hair cutting is for everyone, but if you are happy with a simple style, you could always try it a night or two before your salon appointment, and see what happens.

Luckily, I did get the chance to thank the wondrous hair girl, in person, and I told her how she changed my life, saved me a ton of money, and encouraged me to be brave, and take a chance.  Now, I get about one or two salon cuts a year and maintain the style on my own in between. I am a cut your own hair advocate. 

cut your own hair

Unfortunately, the decision was made to try to grow out my bangs.  Is there anything more taxing on your soul than suffering through those first few months when you look like a Lhasa Apso?  No.  I am a cut your own hair masochist. 


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  1. Sara L.

    I do this too! I started cutting my hair last year when we moved to Vermont. Our budget is tighter than ever, so I was going to stretch the time between cuts by trimming the ends. But then I started watching youtube videos on how to cut your own hair. I’ve gradually cut more and more off. Now its about 8+ inches shorter than when we moved and I love it.

  2. 20/11/2013

    Hooray! This is such a great comment, thanks for leaving it. It’s really nice not having to let your hair get to that shaggy stage, waiting for your next appointment. Any advice for growing out bangs? OMG it’s so painful. I finally surpassed the Oompah Loompah stage, thank goodness.