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15th December
written by LS Girl

How does someone lose the belt to his or her bathrobe, and why can’t we buy just a robe belt

Over the years, numerous people have mentioned to me they have a bathrobe they really like, but they’ve lost the belt tie which basically makes the concept of wearing the robe a big fat waste of time.  How does this happen?  Where does the belt go, and why can’t it be found?

Perhaps:  “I was driving to get coffee in my bathrobe when I saw a car broken down alongside the road.  I stopped to help, but the person mistook me for a pervert and tried to strangle me with my robe belt, and then they drove off with it.”

Or:  “I was walking out to get the paper in my bathrobe, when I locked myself out of the house.  The only way in was to fling my robe belt over the second floor balcony railing, and hoist myself up.  I later framed the belt and hung it over the fireplace, as it was a symbol of a life-saving event.  But thieves broke in and stole it, thinking it was valuable.”

It’s a big, long, thick, piece of material… it’s like losing seven pairs of socks at once!  Regardless, I know these things go missing.

So, how can one extend the life of a bathrobe once the belt has run off to join the circus?   Improvise.

Here, are some easy, fashionable ways to build your own robe belt:

A wide gauge piece of rope: Naval vibe






Drape tieback cord: Grecian vibe








A skinny necktie: Metrosexual vibe





A D ring belt:  Yuppie vibe (do people still say, “yuppie”?)









Live like The King:







I did find this…

However, it seems to be a relatively untapped market.

bathrobe belt


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  1. Gary

    I have personal experience with this. The best thing to do is when you GET the new bathrobe, sew the exact middle of the belt (just a few stitches), to the exact center back of the robe where it sits when through the loops and tied. It will never leave the robe.

  2. 16/12/2012

    That is a great idea! Thank you for the comment.

  3. Barbie

    Lost the robe still have the belt…….

  4. 31/12/2012

    That’s a more challenging situation!

  5. Don R

    I looked at my tie rack; found an old, dated one, and now have a tie for my robe!

  6. Roy Takahashi

    Buy large 70″ beach towel and cut length-wise to width desired. Width considerations are how thick the belt and how wide. You may wish to cut off the original edge for tucking when sewn up. Fold up the towel to desired width and pin it. Cut half a width more than needed and take to seamstress. Have it sewn the length

  7. 24/02/2017

    This is a great idea! Thank you for commenting.

  8. Gary L

    I didn’t lose my belt. It just shredded into a mess. It’s not quite unusable but I’m definitely going to need a new one soon. The rest of the robe is fine and I like it. Looks like I’m going to have a hard time finding a belt unless I can find someone to make one for me.

  9. 27/04/2017

    It IS very hard to find a good replacement bathrobe belt. It seems like someone could make them for not a lot of money and sell them – good luck in your search and thank you for reading and commenting!

  10. Kevin

    So I left my dog in our air conditioned bedroom while I went off to lunch. The downstairs, not air conditioned, is just too warm for a full-coated Alaskan Malamute, even here in Vermont. (Climate change is a big Chinese hoax, dontchaknow, which must be why we’re having our hottest summer yet.) So I put her in the BR.

    I came home to pathetic whining and door-scratching. Opening the door, I found an overjoyed-to-see-me Malamute who bolted down the stairs and on the bedroom floor was my robe belt in several wet pieces.

    Finding a replacement is stupidly difficult so I will use an alternate method.

  11. 25/07/2017

    I love dogs! Even if they eat your clothes, dogs are still pretty awesome. Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you find the belt you’re looking for.

  12. Roy Takahashi

    Update my previous.
    Look up 3 strand 1-1/2″ dia cotton rope. Order 2 yds. Wrap ends with heavy thread to prevent fraying.

  13. 29/03/2018

    Hi! This is great advice! Thank you!

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