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lifestuff.org chronicles true stories and offers tips, insights, and perspectives on everyday life stuff  and life skills. 


Life Skills and Index Cards.  The best beginnings start on something the size of a 3×5 index card.


At lifestuff, we learned about MONEY because we made mistakes. Getting into tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, and acquiring too much stuff weighed us down mentally and physically. Financial Peace University, Your Money or Your Life, and The Minimalists educated us.

“I learned about BODY because I was the only kid in my class who couldn’t run 1 mile until I was befriended by a classmate who taught me how to run.”

“I learned SKILLS and how to do things, by first discovering how NOT to do them.”

“I learned about BUSINESS by helping my family operate their company beginning at age twelve.  I did not realize I was learning;  it just seemed like my normal, everyday life. Â Then came my first encounter with a Fortune 500 Company and I quickly discovered I had zero experience with “office politics”.”


“I got out of debt”. “I ran the mile”.  “I improved my skills”.  “I learned how to develop and grow a business, AND navigate the human element.  I learned how to fail, how to succeed, and most of all:  I learned how to keep momentum, even when I was afraid”.

Index Cards. Simple, concise, words and phrases you can carry and refer to at any time.  If it doesn’t fit on an index card, you’ve bitten off too much, or you are not clear (and by clear, I mean honest with yourself). As humans, we limit ourselves with too many or too much: Stuff – Goals – Obligations – Debt – Useless Thoughts – Gadgets – Media That make us: Stressed – Angry – Tired – Sick – Bad Drivers – Overweight – Boring.


You can achieve better results and improve the outcome of almost any situation with just a few small changes.  There is a better way, and it starts with the words you choose for yourself. Rigorous training, boot camps, mentors and the kindness of strangers brought me here.


Life Skills

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