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1st October
written by LS Girl

50 Shades of OMG !


Let me start by saying I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey, but I have read ABOUT the book, and I have read hysterical excerpts on the interweb.

This story begins at a family picnic. Madame X is chatting with a relative who explains she is reading Fifty Shades of Grey.   X offers up her opinion of the book, which includes words like:

“Should be arrested”
“Is that even writing”
And finally… “Fireplace”


X is not a fan. The relative, however, has not formed an opinion yet, and proceeds with this offer:

“Hey X, we will be discussing Fifty Shades of Grey at my next book club meeting. It’s at my house; do you want to join us?”

X accepts, with great enthusiasm,

Fast forward a few days, and as promised, an email invitation arrives for the “Fifty Shades Extravaganza!”  X is all over it, she RSVPs with the agility of a winning jeopardy contestant: thumb on the trigger.

The night arrives, and Madame X is prepared to speak with magnificent poise, by sighting examples, referencing chapters, and making her case for the kindling material.

Knock Knock.

The relative opens the door and greets X. They exchange typical good tidings, and Madame X is directed through the foyer, to a room where the group members are sitting in a semi-circle, awaiting the night’s events.

X settles in, and joins the festivities. People are chit chatting, and the relative eventually pulls up a chair next to X.  The room quiets down a little, and X turns to her relative and says: “I can’t WAIT to discuss this book!”

The relative looks confused.

X continues: “I’m so glad you invited me to your book club, for the Fifty Shades!”

To which her relative replies:

“The book club meets next week…This is a sex toy party.”

News:  Apparently, savvy woman are leveraging the popularity of this sex-charged book series to promote sex toy parties.

If you get an invitation…Read twice. Cut once.

fifty shades of OMG

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